Artículos Científicos

Income, Sex, Pills and Relationships: An Empirical Study for Argentina

Autores: Pablo Schiaffino – Martin Tetaz Revista: Book chapter for M. Rojas (Ed.), Handbook of Happiness Research in Latin America, Springer   Descripción: The Easterlin Paradox states that income does not correlate with happiness neither over time nor across countries. We use 28 years of Argentina’s life satisfaction and happiness data to test that famous result, and find out the actual determinants ... Leer Más »

Biased perceptions of income distribution and preferences for redistribution: Evidence from a survey experiment

Journal of Public Economics Páginas: 100-112 Editor: North-Holland Descripción Individual perceptions of income distribution play a vital role in political economy and public finance models, yet there is little evidence regarding their origins or accuracy. This study examines how individuals form these perceptions and explores their potential impact on preferences for redistribution. A tailored household survey provides original evidence on systematic biases ... Leer Más »

The Economics of Happiness in Argentina

Autor: Martin Tetaz Publicación: Palermo Business Review Descripción Since Easterlin famous paper, in 1974, many others tried either to refute its findings or to produce additional explanations. Scholars have found relative income and adaptation effects, threshold effects, age and gender effects, and so on. However few papers analyzed the determinants of happiness, using data from Argentina. In this paper we exploit two different data ... Leer Más »

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